Rose Day

Saturday 30th June - Rose Day


WE NEED YOU! We desperately need parental involvement for our chocolate tombola. Please begin to collect chocolate; feel free to ask family and friends too plus any local shops you may feel will be happy to donate. Last year we raised over £400 on this alone! It’s a huge fundraiser for us so please support us by adding chocolate to your weekly shop if you can.  Many thanks for your continued support! More details to follow! 


Health Visitor

Did you know we have a Health Visitor who works alongside us? Do you have any concerns you’d like me to bring up with her? Nicola Ellershaw will be asking her to visit in the next couple of weeks so please share any questions you may have with Nicola. 

Committee Members Needed

If you would like to become actively involved in Pre-School, take the opportunity to make a difference by joining our Committee. If you would like further information please speak to Ann-Louise Warren or any member of the committee. Members of the committee are listed in the Contact Section.